When will I receive my fabulous art?

It usually takes approximately 5-7 days to process an order.

Some items are ready to ship the same day, just look for this badge next to the item:

We will notify you of the shipping status via email.

How is my package shipped?

We ship everything via USPS, via Priority Mail.

We will provide tracking information in the Shipping Confirmation Email.

Do you do custom orders?

Of course we do! Custom orders are the most inspiring. Check out the commissions in the Gallery section to see some examples of our most unique characters, and then contact us to get the ball rolling.

What if I need it PRONTO!?!

If the item has a badge, like this:

Then it can be shipped within 24 hours. Expedited shipping is available at an additional charge.

What are spontaneous triplets?

That means that I didn’t DO anything to get multiples, except for being a “superovulator”, meaning I released multiple eggs in a single cycle. When you have multiples they designate them as A,B,C, etc by size and position. We used that to name them Alexander, Benjamin, & Cosimo – that means Cosmic and he IS! {Like, he kind of seems like he’s from outer space ;^)}