Artist Sabrina Mauer holds large felted Sasquatch figure

About Sabrina Mauer


As an artist, there is absolutely nothing I love more than working with wool and other natural fibers. Wool IS magical! This amazing fiber is a gift we can use in so many ways. It can be formed into clothing, art, toys, and even housing. Organic, natural and sustainable, wool is a material we can all feel good about using.

Wool’s versatility can’t be underestimated. There is nothing I can imagine that can’t be created with wool. Two or three dimensions, its a paint, its fabric, its clay. This fiber really can do it all!

Guiding others in expressing their creative spirit through fiber is a joy. There is nothing I love more than spreading that fascination through workshops and events. I always look forward to sharing my knowledge of wool… and creating some new needle felting addicts along the way!