Here’s your chance to dive into the mind of an artist! Spending hours alone, poking away, gives me lot’s of time to have big thoughts. Thoughts about the creative process, the therapeutic value of making art, the challenges of being a professional artist, and my love of working with natural fibers. This first post is about how creativity is influenced by our mood and mental state. Developing the mindfulness to alter our thoughts and actions can help us create pieces that best reflect our artistic intentions. Think of the blog like a shared journal, where you are welcome to share your opinions, projects and feedback about the topic. I’m so excited about this new adventure and invite you to join me for the journey!


Get ready to get poking! These kits are perfect for everyone. They have been created and improved by the valuable feedback from all my wonderful students. Each kit includes all the necessary tools and materials to insure success. There’s a link to very detailed step-by-step instructions that you can follow online or print out as a PDF file. I LOVE when YOU send me pictures of your finished projects to post on the website. Have questions? Feel stuck? Don’t understand the instructions? I want to hear about it! Just email me and I’m happy to help, via email, text or video chat.



Get in on all the felting FUN!

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